UPDATE: We are just $3,700 short of our $20,000 goal! That’s 37 donations of $100. With your help we can meet our current fundraising goal and support an equitable, thriving Baltimore Region. Please donate today!

Dearest friends,

The Opportunity Coalition is excited to announce the award of a $20,000 1:1 Challenge grant from the Abell Foundation! This grant and matching funds will support the Opportunity Coalition’s growth as it seeks to implement the Regional Plans for Sustainable Development.

If you’d like to help us match the $20,000, please click the “Donate” button which will redirect you to a PayPal donation page. Please note that donations are currently collected and managed by the Innovative Housing Institute. However, all donations submitted through the links provided on this page will contribute directly to Opportunity Coalition activities.

If you would prefer to donate with a check, you can fill out and address the check as follows:

Pay to the order of: Innovative Housing Institute

memo: Opportunity Coalition donation

Mail your check to:

The Opportunity Coalition

C/O Innovative Housing Institute

22 Light Street, Suite 300

Baltimore, Maryland 21202

Contact us at for questions about donations, using the Subject: “Donation Question.”


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